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Annual Checkup ($88)

Annual Checkup for Dogs and Cats ($88) Our annual checkup with vaccinations plays a critical role in protecting your dog and cat from many dangerous and even fatal diseases. In our package we cover what we consider core vaccinations. CORE DOG VACCINATIONS: Canine...

Dental Cleaning ($210)

Dental Cleaning Services ($210) Your dog will never tell you when they are experiencing dental pain. The best way to prevent these issues is to maintain a dental health routine at home. This should be supplemented with regular dental cleanings performed by veterinary...

Ear Cropping ($365-$420)

Ear cropping is one of our specialty in the area of Miami. We have clients that come as far as Orlando, Naples, South Beach and Key West. Our clients come to us with dobermans, bullies, pitbulls, dogos, schnauzers, boxers, cane corsos, South African mastiffs, Great...

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Healthy Life Cycle for Your Pet


Vaccinations play a critical role in protecting your pet

Healthy Food

Nutrition is essential at each stage of your dog’s life


Exercise is as important for your dog as it is for you!


Periodic dental cleaning can add quality and years to your pet’s life

Traveling Pet Certificates ($40-$200)

Traveling Pet Certificates ($40-$200)

Certificate Requirements ($40-$180) When travelling with your pet(s), there may be animal health requirements specific for that destination. Average International Requirements: - Traveling Certificate signed by a Veterinarian with the right credentials. ($40) -...

Puppy & Kitten Pack ($49)

Puppy & Kitten Pack ($49)

Puppy & Kitten Pack ($49) Our vaccination pack for puppies and kittens plays a critical role in protecting them from many dangerous and even fatal diseases. In our package we cover what we consider core vaccinations. PUPPY VACCINATIONS (BOOSTER): Canine Parvovirus...

Spay ($285-425)

Spay ($285-425)

Spay ($285-425) The age accepted for spaying a dog is approximately 6 months. It is also acceptable to spay a dog once she is an adult, although there is a slightly greater risk of postoperative complications in elderly dogs as well as in dogs that are overweight or...

Neutering ($225-$250)

Neutering ($225-$250)

Neutering ($225-$250) Many research studies out there examine the optimum age to neuter dogs and cats. Some show benefits to waiting until after maturity to neuter, while others show benefits in sterilization prior to sexual maturity. For male dogs, some of the...

What We Offer in-House


Pyometra, orthopedics, cherry eye, kidney stones, etc


We have digital x-ray services and with the report of a radiologist


We have a full-in-house lab where we can do cvc, chemistry, etc


Latest technology in stem cell treatment with PRP in-house

Pyometra Surgery Miami ($1200-1700)

Pyometra Surgery Miami ($1200-1700)

Pyometra Surgery ($1200-1700) -Miami Pyometra is a uterus infection that happens as a result of hormonal changes following estrus (heat) that without treatment may have fatal consequences for your female dog. During this process some hormones (progesterone) remain...

Laser Therapy ($35)

Laser Therapy ($35)

Laser Therapy ($35) Laser therapy has become one of the most common recommended treatments to facilitate wound healing, alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Lasers, due to their enhancing immune functions, are being used to provide general health improvement. In...

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