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Puppy & Kitten Pack ($49)

Our vaccination pack for puppies and kittens plays a critical role in protecting them from many dangerous and even fatal diseases. In our package we cover what we consider core vaccinations.


  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Canine Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Influenza


  • Panleukopenia
  • Rhinotracheitis
  • Calicivirus

This offer includes also a fecal test to check if your dog or cat has intestinal parasites, plus physical exam and consultation.

Important Facts:

  • Vaccination timeline for puppies are recommended to take place every 2-3 weeks until 16 weeks of age during the first several months of life, and continue with booster immunizations throughout adulthood. 
  • Parvo: this virus has a 90% mortality rate for untreated cases and 5%-10% if treated aggressively.
  • Worms: studies have determined that female roundworms can produce 200,000 eggs in just one day. Puppies and kitten with active intestinal parasites have a pot-bellied look and poor growth.

    We have multiple options to prevent intestinal parasites at the clinic. Just ask our vet and staff and find out what could work best for your little ones.

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    Puppies have nutritional needs:

    • A lot happens during the first year of life and the best food is the one that can keep up with their growing nutritional requirements.
    • A puppy’s meal schedule must include three or four measured meals a day, preferably at the same time. You should aim to have the last meal around 5 PM.

      Feeding your Puppy

      • 6-12 weeks: you should use puppy food, especially formulated to meet their nutritional needs. Four feedings a day are usually recommended to meet their physiological needs. (Unmoistened dry food should be served to large breeds by 9/10 weeks and 12 or 13 weeks to small dogs.
      • 3-6 months: meals schedules should go from 4 times a day to 3. The best food should be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA to support their brain and eye development. It should also be rich in calcium to help the growing skeletal system, plus proteins for muscle growth support.
      • 6-12 months: We recommend it to keep it at 3 times per day. You can start to switch from a nutrient rich food for puppies to adult maintenance food.


      Most worm infestations cause any of these symptoms:

      • Diarrhea, perhaps with blood

      • Weight loss

      • Dry hair

      • General poor appearance

      • Vomiting, perhaps with worms in the vomit

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